Leveraging the transformational potential of AI to maximize social impact

At Legacy+, we’re not just part of the conversation—we’re leading it, continually exploring new frontiers for the future of social impact, which we believe will be shaped by AI.

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Integrating cutting edge technologies
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Leveraging AI for Social Good

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At Legacy+, we harness three decades of expertise to empower individuals, foundations and companies to bring their purpose to life. As leaders in fostering meaningful change, our team also excels in integrating cutting-edge technologies to amplify our influence. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation, continuously evolving our program designs and event development to maximize impact.

Walking the Walk

In our commitment to innovation and impact, we’ve partnered with BCG-X to mark Dr. King’s 100th birthday with “Realize the Dream.” This initiative pioneers AI applications in education and social change, using avatars and proprietary content to revolutionize engagement, particularly among young learners.

Realize the dream