Case Study: Well-Being Canada

Empowering youth, teachers and families with skills to nurture lifelong well-being.


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Pat and Diana Priestner and their family have a legacy of giving back to communities across Canada, both personally and through Pat’s company, CanadaOne Auto Group. It speaks volumes that they wanted to deepen their impact—make it more meaningful and more effective.
Over a series of purpose-driven workshops led by Legacy+, their deep concern for the mental health crisis emerged. Pat had witnessed its devastating impact on his employees and their families and had his own lived experience. Working with leading mental health experts we developed a framework focussing on prevention and promotion. Well-being Canada and the first national well-being program for youth in grades K-12, families and employees was on its way.
Pat and Diana Priestner and their family have a legacy of giving back to communities across Canada
Being well poster
Employees and their families and had his own lived experience
Well-Being Canada
Positive well-being tools now at your fingertips
Bringing positive well being to every corner of canada
The road to well-being starts here


+ Purpose discovery and definition
+ Brand platform
+ Naming
+ Brand identity
+ Website and social platforms
+ Brand video
+ Evidence-based programming for grades K – 12
+ Guides and resources for teachers
+ Professional development and training for educators
+ Virtual event to launch initiative with students
+ Digital marketing campaign
+ Development of resources for families and the workplace
+ Development of local giving platform and process
+ Identification of Well-being Canada ambassadors
Well-being resources mockup
Well-being canada insta post
Well-being canada insta post
Your road to well-being starts here
Your road to well-being starts here


+ Additional curriculum and resources for educators and youth

+ Modules on additional mental health resources

+ Book: mental well-being in the workplace


We have many staff and students struggling, and we’re trying to give them enough time and consideration to help them feel supported… Thanks to the Well-being Canada resources, I’m learning more about myself and I’m able to impart strategies for students to be able to help themselves. I really believe these resources are making a difference.

Paul B., Grade 7/8 teacher, Tara (ON)

Today was another challenging day of behaviors. I primarily work in third grade this year, and many of our students are filled with anger, frustration and anxiety. I feel motivated seeing the possibility of transformation for our students with the Well-being Canada program. Our team is burned out and we are struggling at the moment, but I know this program, these resources and fresh ideas will be so helpful.

Deborah Robbins, Special Ed Paraeducator

In my classroom, I prioritize research-backed ideas and resources that impact my students in positive ways and give them useful strategies. This is what Well-being Canada’s resources do so well. They offer easy-to-use lessons – such as practicing gratitude, mindfulness and resilience and more – to help students feel supported while not being over-burdened.

Jessica A., Grade K-3 teacher, Calgary (AB)

As an educator for 23 years, I’m excited to see a well-being resource that starts with our youngest students, helping them understand that their mental well-being is a critical part of their development as learners. I’m thrilled to see a resource that’s developed with experts in the field, based on research and studies.

Jo-Ann D., Kindergarten teacher (ON)